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Twilight on the Rocks

Twilight on the Rocks

Doesn't take a lot to twist my arm and get me outdoors taking photos.

My siblings and I have turned the Inverhuron trip into an annual trip. It isn't back country, but it is outside. It is a great park, and if back country camping isn't your thing you should look into it. The only beach I have been to, is the most northern beach which I love. It is very rocky. I love photographing the rocks for sunsets, and out further into the lake they are interesting to photograph under water.

Thinking about an ultra wide lens? I get a lot of use out of the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. Shooting directly into a bright light source is going to make it flare. It isn't the sharpest at F2.8, drop it down to F4 and it is very sharp. If you are considering an Ultra-wide, I do caution you about the Ultra-Wides since they are incredibly wide. Little things like it is easy to get your tripod legs into the shot, and you often need to have something in the foreground to help build the shot.

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